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Urban Flower is the culmination of my career change. A crazy idea that you can change your life as long as you want to, go on an adventure and discover a new world.

A florist – this is what I decided to become at some point

I first studied business and management and had a great professional experience in these fields but then, I decided to go back to school and learn a new job at the age of 40.

In love with wide-open spaces and nature, passionate about decoration, painting and drawing, I had always admired people working and creating things with their own hands. After a challenge and a skills assessment where I explored a thousand training ideas, everything became suddenly obvious when I opened the door of that flower shop on a November Saturday afternoon. I suddenly knew this job was right for me.

So, I went back to school, took part in several workshops in a store so as to immerse myself in this brand new world without delay. Once I had my diploma, I decided to gain some experience before embarking on an even crazier project.

A creative drive

Throughout my training, I had this yearning to open my own shop to eventually combine my initial skills with my new know-how, and to bring you into my world.

I fancied creating bouquets of flowers by giving free rein to my imagination, sensitivity, creativity and expertise. I wanted my bouquets to be modern, elegant, original, delicate and perfumed - all different, all unique. Like each of us.

I work with the most beautiful seasonal flowers, take the time to carefully choose each variety to ensure optimal quality and freshness and to surprise you with my creations by assembling little known but truly charmful flowers together.

But I also wanted to feel close to you, to make your day brighter wherever you were. And that could not happen in one single place! So, one option finally emerged : a flower truck.

Urban Flower: a nomad florist

This is how Urban Flower was born. An original and innovative concept to come your way on the streets of Lille metropole during the week to offer you a flowery break in your bubbling city life, a moment of pleasure and happiness, far from the commotion of urban bustle.

Urban Flower, a nomad florist for busy city dwellers, lovers, polite guests who are anxious to please by offering a unique bouquet or a timeless poetic moment.

qui-suis-je-delphine-ettori-urban-flowerI'll meet you in Drive supermarkets, shopping malls ... Where you can choose the bouquet you want among the different creations of the day - in just a few minutes.

From now on, you can also order a bouquet from the current collection available online and have it sent to Lille and its surroundings.

This wonderful adventure has already enabled me to witness the blooming of some great moments of your lives but also to bring a touch of nature to you all – and this is my greatest happiness.

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